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"Had no idea these folks provided integrated healthcare! Today was my first visit. My chiropractor of 26 years retired suddenly 2 weeks ago and I have been in debilitating pain from my sciatica since then. The entire staff was kind and helpful, and listened intently to my "pain story." Dr Diaz was incredible, and I walked out the door with greatly-diminished pain. Excited about my continuing care with them. Praise God!" -Kimberly D

"First chiropractic experience, I am impressed with everyone there and the level of care and knowledge, great communication skills, feeling confident the treatments are already improving my situation!" -Dan E.

"Friendly staff will take great care of you and all your needs! They truly care about getting you healthy, instead of just making money. I've been very well cared for and would highly recommend!" -MacKenzie R.

"My mom recommended Dr. Diaz to me when I injured my knee in May 2016. Dr. Diaz and Alex have helped me recover quickly from ACL and meniscus surgery and I am so grateful that my mom introduced to the best Chiro team in Nashville! The staff is professional and make you feel like you are the only patient in the room. Love this team!" -Holly P.

"The first time I walked into the Dixon Center, I was feeling deathly ill. From the moment I arrived (even without an appointment) until the time I left, the staff treated me like royalty. This is the kindest, most genuine medical staff I have ever encountered. The NP was knowledgeable and very thorough with my visit. Thanks to them, my illness was uncovered and an effective treatment plan with several follow-up visits were put into place. I now visit the Dixon Center for medical and chiropractic. Changed my life!" -Mallory H.

"I met Dr. Diaz at my place of business in May of '16 and she noticed I was dealing with allergy issues. She invited me to come to Dixon Clinic and soon I got an allergy test, found out what I'm allergic to, and have been getting weekly shots and it has been the greatest experience!

The staff is always welcoming, and I'm always greeted by name with a smile at the front desk. 
Dr. Thoener, Kimin, Judy, Cassie, Dana, Arrah, Katie, and the entire staff is so wonderful and they are so genuine." -Pauly W.

"They have helped me tremendously....the whole staff is amazing! They are always happy, helpful and friendly. I wouldn't go anywhere else!" -Wendy H.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Dixon's for over a year now. I was referred to Dr. Dixon from a good friend. At that time, I had been living in pain and could not walk comfortably. My hands would hurt me and ached alot, my whole left side from my hip to my foot hurt, my neck ached, and my right ankle. I was taking Ibuprofen everyday for months to cope with pain. I was worried I could not afford chiropractor care with not having insurance and being a full time college student on a part time salary. The Office Manager gave me a coupon for a free consultation and they worked an affordable plan for me to receive care.

In a years time, Dr. Dixon and his staff has helped me tremendously. Everything about my body works better. I have lost 90 pounds, I am no longer on anxiety medication, & I was able to get off most of all my high blood pressure medication. They have became a support system and support my health goals. Dr. Dixon and his staff are a blessing in my life and a pleasure to be around. I am thankful that my friend recommended me. If you are looking for a place that cares about your pain, this is a great a place with a ton of resources to help you gain freedom from pain in your life. You will actually look forward to your appointments. ♡ I'm so thankful that I found this place." -Shannon M.

"I have been a patient now for about 6 months and this is by far the BEST experience I have ever had at a medical facility. The care and attention to the patient is unlike any other place. They are flexible in scheduling, friendly at the front desk (they actually know my name! *gasp*) and treat you like a valued patient who they genuinely want to feel better, not a dollar sign for their pocket. Also, I love the holistic approach and one stop shop. I am so thankful I have found them. " -Stacey D.

"I've been going to Drs. Dixon and Diaz for about 4 years on a recommendation from a friend. I was told that the doctors and the staff were fantastic, and there were right. I've recommended them to my friends, who also have been helped. Highly recommend!" -Robin F.

"I love the staff and the doctors here. Dr. Dixon keeps me healthy and taken care of. I have chronic neck and back pain and it is well managed here." -Lynne B.

"Dear Dr. Dixon, Isn't it amazing that 9 years ago I came to see you because Doctors didn't believe I could have kids and they weren't sure why.  You felt I could conceive after a few months of chiropractic care. It was 6 months exactly, and now here I am, 3 kids later and expecting the 4th. As you can tell, we are all great! Hope you are doing well, business is good, and your family is happy and healthy." - Karen and Family

"I became a patient at the Dixon Center in 2000, after developing severe stress-related headaches. Through chiropractic care, the Dixon Center has enabled me to relieve the pain from these headaches. Since then, I have been faithfully following a healthy regimen of exercise and chiropractic care that has enabled me to avoid surgical and medical procedures.

An example of this is the recent application of Supartz injections in my knee to replace/supplement the cartilage that has been affected by arthritis and the aging process. Had I not had these injections, I surely would have been facing knee replacement surgery, especially after I recently slipped on ice and twisted that knee.

I am a firm believer in the solutions that the Dixon Center has available to their patients. I walk dogs and the positive health of my legs, feet and knees is very important to this endeavor. Without the Dixon Center’s expert care, I would not be able to continue walking dogs." - Beth S.

"3-4 years ago I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. After having the decompression therapy treatment, I am doing things I couldn't do before, such as raising my arms and buttoning my shirt! Decompression Therapy has helped me so much - I highly recommend it!" - Rick R. Nashville, TN

"I wanted to say thanks to the doctors and staff for the excellent treatment I have received since sustaining a lower back injury earlier this year that literally kept me from being able to walk. Also, I was having headaches that occurred on a regular basis, and they have since ceased! The treatments and the genuine concern and care given by everyone in the office have helped my get back on my feet!"  - Drew G., Nashville, TN

"In 2000, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and a bulging disc in my lower back. When I started Decompression Therapy my pain scale was very high. Since I've been on my Decompression Treatment Plan, my pain has decreased on a consistent basis. The treatment has had a substantial positive impact on my overall spinal condition. Without Decompression Therapy, I would still be in so much pain." - Kelly G., Nashville, TN

I was experiencing shoulder pain when I was referred to Dr. Dixon. The results were immediate. I was a regular patient for nearly 8 years, and then I quit going for about a year. My condition returned, so I now see Dr. Dixon on a monthly basis. The treatments help minimize the effects of repetitive motion and awkward positioning of my arms while performing surgical procedures. I always get instant relief and relaxation.  I believe in the benefits of Chiropractic. The care I receive helps me stay on top of my game in and out of the OR. - Robin W., Nashville, TN

My time with Dixon Center has changed my mind that back pain is just something you live with. The combination of treatments and prescribed exercise from the doctors and staff have greatly increased my quality of health. It has improved both my personal and professional life. - Neil K., Nashville, TN

The doctors and staff of the Dixon Center are like family to me. I have been a patient for nearly eight years. I'm thankful, for they have helped me live a more normal life. - Jesse M., Nashville, TN

The treatment I receive from Dixon Center is wonderful. I am a Type A personality so I'm constantly on the go. I often have a lot of tension and pain in my neck and shoulders. I want to be at my healthiest, and my monthly visits help me stay balanced and pain-free. Anyone who regularly experiences pain and discomfort should come see the friendly and helpful doctors and staff at the Dixon Center. - Pat Z., Nashville, TN

Experiencing back pain from an old injury, I feel secure in knowing that the services of Dixon Center are readily available to me when I need help. In addition to the prompt and thorough care I receive, the preventative measures of instruction and exercises help me stay pain free. I chose Dixon Center for their professionalism, kindness, and compassion. I leave pain free, comfortable and very relaxed. Jan D., Nashville, TN

Thank you for all your help and accommodation during my time in Nashville and helping me get back home. Rita A., Nashville, TN

As I sit hear typing an appeal to our insurance for chiropractic care for my son here in East Tennessee, I am reminded of your care I received 11 years ago.  I have chronic pain and have received the care of more chiropractors than I have fingers all across the country as my husband's job took us various places.  Of all the chiropractors, you are hands down the one I wish I could carry in my pocket.  You have the gift of healing hands and the gift of really caring for your patients.  As I recall, I was not just in and out with a typical adjustment as I so often have received of others, but I was listened to and my adjustment and treatment were conditioned and tailored for what my need was at that visit.  I really miss that care.  I just wanted to share that with you and let you know you made an impact.  I encourage you to continue caring for your patients by tailoring to their individual needs and just "standard" care. Anonymous, TN